Crowns and Bridges

pdm_dental-bridge-procedureCrowns and bridges are used in our Houston cosmetic dentistry practice to restore the appearance and function of decayed or even missing teeth. A dental crown is basically a cap that fits over your existing tooth and is shaped and shaded to blend in with the surrounding teeth. A dental crown may be used by our prosthodontist, to correct staining, cracks, or frail tooth structure.


When do I need a Dental Crown from a Houston Cosmetic Dentistry Practice in Houston, TX?

  • -When your teeth are worn and fragile with little tooth structure remaining, a dental crown can hold the tooth in place and provide the necessary support to withstand the pressure of chewing.
  • -If you have a very large filling, a dental crown may be placed in our Houston cosmetic dentistry practice to ensure that the tooth remains intact.
  • -A dental crown may be used to cap a tooth that is severely stained and resistant to Houston cosmetic dentistry tooth whitening agents.
  • -When having a root canal or a dental implant, a dental crown is always placed.
  • -If you have a bridge, it is made up of several crowns joined in a row.


pdm_crown-placement-procedureVisit a Houston Cosmetic Dentistry Practice for a Dental Crown in Houston, TX

When you visit our Houston cosmetic dentistry practice for a dental crown, we will reshape your existing tooth to accommodate the dental crown, which must fit over it without negatively impacting your bite or the surrounding teeth. Once your tooth is prepared, an impression will be taken and used to design your new dental crown. You will be fitted with a temporary crown for roughly three weeks while your permanent crown is fabricated.


When Are Bridges Placed by Houston Cosmetic Dentistry Practices?

Bridges are used in our Houston cosmetic dentistry practice to replace missing teeth. Bridges consist of a row of crowns. Your two natural teeth, adjacent to the empty space, will be prepared to accept the crowns at either end of the bridge, thus anchoring the bridge. The dental crown in the center rests on the gum line as a substitute for your missing tooth.

Are your teeth cracked, stained, or misshapen? Our Houston cosmetic dentistry practice can easily correct any of these issues with a dental crown. Call us today.