Laser Gum Surgery LANAP vs Traditional Gum Surgery

pdm_no-cut-no-sew-logoTraditional Surgery or the Laser Gum Surgery Alternative by a Houston Periodontist: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®)

Patients undergoing this gum surgery alternative report less pain and less downtime than with traditional surgery. Our Houston periodontist rarely prescribes pain medication after this procedure.

  • -When our Houston periodontist performs this gum surgery alternative, the inflammation in your mouth is significantly reduced within the first session. This results in better oral health almost instantly.
  • -With traditional surgery to treat periodontal disease, your periodontist would need to cut into healthy gum tissue to allow access and visibility to the treatment site. This method, in itself, can create gum recession. Traditional surgery has been shown to cause gum recession in ranges as small as two millimeters to as large as fifteen millimeters. LANAP® gum surgery alternative, however, does not require the cutting or subsequent suturing of healthy tissue. Our Houston periodontist uses the laser to eradicate diseased tissue.
  • -This laser gum surgery alternative has far reaching benefits that cannot be matched by traditional surgery. During LANAP®, our Houston periodontist uses the laser to stimulate the bone and tooth root. This catalyzes the regeneration of your bone, reversing the effects of periodontal disease. It is possible for our Houston periodontist to save your teeth, which if treated by any other means, would have necessitated extraction.

Consultation for Gum Surgery Alternative by a Houston Periodontist

Do you need treatment for periodontal disease? Consider having LANAP®, the gum surgery alternative performed by Houston periodontist Alicia Valentini. Dr. Valentini can help you determine whether LANAP® is right for you. This gum surgery alternative has proved successful for thousands of other patients around the country who wanted a less painful, less impactful way to treat periodontal disease.

Contact the office of Houston periodontist Dr. Alicia Valentini today to request your consultation for this minimally invasive gum surgery alternative.

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