The LANAP Procedure

LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol


The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), a minimally invasive gum surgery alternative, is offered by Houston periodontist Dr. Alicia Valentini to patients suffering from periodontal disease. The procedure is scheduled in two separate sessions of two hours each, generally divided into left or right side of the mouth. This highly successful gum surgery alternative allows patients to undergo treatment for advanced periodontal disease without enduring the pain and discomfort created by the use of scalpels or sutures.

A Gum Surgery Alternative Performed by a Houston Periodontist

To begin the procedure, our Houston periodontist will measure your gum pockets with a probe to assess their depth and the amount of loss attachment. The laser is then used in this gum surgery alternative to selectively target and eliminate the bacteria and any diseased tissue from your mouth. The pulsed laser wavelength allows it to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue, leaving your health gums intact.

Calculus will be displaced from your teeth by our Houston periodontist with the assistance of ultrasonic scalers. The laser is used again to agitate the bone, tooth root, and soft tissue, creating a bit of blood to accumulate around the teeth. This seals the healing environment. Our Houston periodontist, Dr.Valentini, will then press the gum tissue against the tooth roots. There are no scalpels or sutures used in this gum surgery alternative.

Our Houston periodontist will adjust your bite and evaluate your teeth to assess any impact you may have experienced as a result of this gum surgery alternative.

After the Gum Surgery Alternative Performed by a Houston Periodontist in Houston, TX

Before you undergo this gum surgery alternative, Houston periodontist Dr. Alicia Valentini will discuss any post-procedure instructions or dietary restrictions unique to your needs. Most patients find that they are able to manage any discomfort using over-the-counter pain medication and return to work the following day. This gum surgery alternative offers benefits not afforded by traditional surgery.

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